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New Single Release - Hold On A While 

This track was an inspired cover of a drum and bass tune by Jono McCleery and Technimatic. I had been wanting to branch out for a while in terms of how I produced music, and I thought giving a go at a tune like this would be the perfect first try.

The lyrics are a bit obscure - it's hard to know what exactly the speaker is trying to convey. But in the singing of the song and in how I was inspired to produce it, I felt alot of longing, and also distant hope - in the overall energy of the song. 

It felt to me like a ghost was the one speaking - a ghost of a time or memory past, that was communicating with the present, saying, "yes, I will hold on a while, until I'm appreciated, seen, and then I can finally rest."

We all have our own unique interpretations of songs, and who knows if mine is even remotely close to the original inspiration that birthed the song. In any case, I offer it up.

You can listen to it and download for free here.